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"At a recent Eric Bibb show, his resonator guitar just wouldn't stay on the stand, it fell off for no apparent reason, twice. That wouldn't happen with the BOING, it would just sway slightly, absorbing all the dancing and foot tapping going on around it. Despite it being called BOING - it does not catapult the guitar across the stage, and the large padded frame must be about the best I have seen for avoiding damage to the instrument. It's also very dificult to "miss" when putting the guitar down"

-  Roger Bucknall, Fylde Guitars



"Great product"


"Husband loves it"


"Really sturdy and a nice quirky


"Fantastic product"


"My son loved this quirky guitar stand!"


"Coolest guitar stand I've ever seen.My husband was very impressed with his gift."

Guitar stand reviews


"The stand seems very secure – it doesn’t wobble and the coating is slightly grippy so there is no danger of instruments slipping off sideways.....

Both violin and cello fitted nicely and the smaller stand also held a ukulele well...."

Cello and violin stand reviews